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Brooke's Dog Grooming

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Brooke's Dog Grooming

5929 Jeanne D'Arc Blvd S
Orléans, ON

About Me
I am a certified full-time groomer who specializes in grooming Golden retrievers & Double coated breeds. I have always had strong interest in showing & breeding of this particular breed. Owning my own show line Golden Retriever named "Brier". I go to local dog shows all year round and continuously learn the genetics & grooming of golden retrievers. I have groomed multiple show lines & field lines for 5+ years, while also practicing grooming needs of all other breeds. I’ve always had a strong passion for animals since I was a toddler.

Now, in my 20’s I am pursuing my dreams working as a vet assistant at an emergency animal clinic and dog grooming full time. Coming from the vet and animal behaviour world, I have lots of experience dealing with difficult and anxious pets. I provide a patient, welcoming atmosphere where dogs feel safe & secure at all times.

My background provides lots of experience dealing with small dogs, big dogs and dogs of all kinds.

I love dogs. Your dog will be in great hands with me.